Self portrait

The Self-Portrait Project: 4 x 4


  • Each participant will receive a single 4" x 4" canvas. Artists must use the canvas!
  • Please make sure that your work is dry before mailing it back.
  • Keep in mind that objects attached to the canvas may come loose in transit. Unfortunately, we can't make repairs to your work.
  • Feel free to use any media to create your portrait!
  • Please print your name clearly on the back of your canvas.
  • If you'd like us to return your canvas to you after the exhibition, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your submission.
  • Postmark your canvas by May 15th to: to:
    Brooklyn Archives
    ℅ The Self-Portrait Project
    355 Bedford Ave.
    Brooklyn, NY 11211

More Info

The Self-Portrait Project is a window into the Art House community. With more than 60,000 artists from over 100 countries and counting, there is no “typical” contributor to an Art House project. The Self-Portrait Project is an opportunity for a small collective of creative people to celebrate both diversity and connection, showing the world what a global arts community looks like — one portrait at a time. Every participant will be mailed a blank 4” x 4” canvas. The challenge is to depict yourself and send us the results of your personal creative experiment. Every canvas will be displayed together in a communal exhibition, forming a personal reflection of the Art House community in thousands of different forms.

Artwork in cover image courtesy of the following artists from last year's project:
(Clockwise, from top left) Brandon Morris, Jan DeAngelis, Mark Dooley, Giannis Tsaganos, Lisa Hibbert, Mike Bencze, Jeslyn Cantrell, Susan Herdman, Laura Kaardal, Carole Ricketts