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Memoir Project


  • Your memoir should be hand written. We know its hard, but your story is worth the extra time and effort.
  • Your memoir should be a true story or account from your life.
  • please do not use glitter or glue on objects that may come loose or damage another submission
  • Your book must not exceed the dimensions of 5" wide x 7" tall x 1" thick. It can open to any size, but it must remain 5" x 7" x1" when closed.
  • You're welcome to cut, rebind or alter the book in any other way - just remember to keep it less than 1" thick.
  • Unfortunately we can not digitize pop up books, fold out books or books that exceed the required size limits.
  • All books are catalogued in our permanent collections. Books are not for sale and will not be returned.
  • If you are interested in reading your memoir at one of our tour stops please email community@sketchbookproject.com
  • Please postmark your book by: June 1st, 2013. All books should be mailed to:

    Brooklyn Art Library
    ℅ Memoir Project
    103A North 3rd Street.
    Brooklyn, NY 11249