The "Dreadful" Project


  • Attached to the back cover of your project card is a barcode. Please keep this barcode intact and uncovered. You must connect your project to an account. Registering your barcode number will connect your project to an account and ensure that it is cataloged correctly. Otherwise it will be catalogued as an anonymous work. Go to www.sketchbookproject.com/connect once you receive your project materials and type in the number on your barcode. If your barcode is damaged or lost please email us at support@sketchbookproject.zendesk.com.
  • You must use the materials provided for this project. You will be mailed a folded 4" x 6" card after signing up. For this project, we ask that you keep your card in its original format and create your work across the 6" x 8" blank interior of the card.
  • This project will be digitized, but will not be a part of the permanent collection viewable at Brooklyn Art Library.
  • By participating, you acknowledge that your work may be selected to be featured. New Yorker Promotions and Showtime plan to showcase select work in The New Yorker, online, and in social media. By submitting original work to the project you provide consent for your work to be used in this way. Creators of the selected works will be contacted for written consent, and will receive credit by name or as they designate when we publish their work.
  • You are free to use just about any medium for your project, but there are a few guidelines. Loose or dangling materials, materials that smudge or could be transferred to hands and other submissions, and use of glitter may prevent your work from being included. Abrasive, sharp, or hazardous materials are prohibited.
  • Please include your name on your project and send your completed "Dreadful" Project card by March 19th, 2014. If you're done earlier, mail your project as soon as you're finished to:

    Brooklyn Art Library
    c/o The "Dreadful" Project
    103A N3rd Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11249

About "Penny Dreadful"

Creations from the masters of literary horror, including Victor Frankenstein and his Creature, Dorian Gray, and characters from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, will find new life in the new Showtime original series “Penny Dreadful,” premiering Sunday, May 11th.

The show’s title pays tribute to another chapter in literary history: the Penny Dreadful —serialized, illustrated stories in booklet form that became the dominate form of entertainment, popular in Victorian England. The books, produced in response to rapidly rising literacy rates, cost only a penny and often featured horror themes. They soon attracted a cult following.

Now this literary tradition is in the hands of “Penny Dreadful” creator John Logan (“Gladiator,” “Skyfall,” “The Aviator,” “Hugo”) and executive producer Sam Mendes (director of “American Beauty”). Logan, a three-time Oscar nominated screenwriter, wrote all eight episodes.