A Million Little Pictures | Analog


  • Photos must be exactly 4x6 with no border.
  • Photos should be printed on glossy paper.
  • Please note that due to the design of the exhibition, we cannot return contributions to this project. Please make duplicates for yourself before mailing your photos to Art House.- Participants must use the camera provided by Art House.
  • Each participant is guaranteed AT LEAST two print in the traveling exhibition.
  • Please postmark your work by 8/1/2013 to:

    Brooklyn Art Library
    ℅ AMLP
    103A N3rd Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11249

What's Included

  • One Official AMLP disposable camera
  • All of your photos digitizied and added to our Digital Library
  • 2 of your photos included in 2 Exhibitions. One in NYC and one TBD
  • An exciting experience!